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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Intentions and "One Good Thing"


2017 is going to be a good year!

Say it is so and it will be!

"One Good Thing" is a concept where you write down something each day that goes well or is great about your day...I don't think I can maintain that level of commitment, so I am going to do this at least monthly. I am asking my friends to join me in doing this as well (please feel free to add your input in the comments when the 'One Good Thing' monthly post is up). We will do this all year and revisit them at the end of the year...or earlier if need be. This exercise should help us maintain focus on positivity and well-being.

New Year's Resolutions: I am not a big fan or a believer in creating resolutions which are unattainable or unreasonable. Several years ago, I read something suggesting one should resolve to 'say please and thank you more,' 'enjoy nature more,' 'make more home cooked meals...' and the like. The gist was to make it positive: what you WANT vs. what you do not want (i.e. no resolutions to 'stop smoking' because it is about NOT doing something instead of doing something in particular...so instead of that, the resolution would become, "I will be good/better to my body this year," or "I will improve the health of my lungs...") The intention set is positive and attainable even with small steps instead of setting yourself up for failure.

This being said, I have some resolutions for myself I will share:

In 2017, I would like to:
Learn more about the periodic table of elements and world geography (not just because it would help me at Trivia Night, but because I dig learning)...these are two areas I would like to brush up on some information!

Finish up some projects around my house! My house is in a fairly perpetual state of remodeling/updating, and I have let some sit for a while. I would like to see some of these projects completed this year. Primarily, the office/library should be completed, and the master bathroom shower deserves some attention! One thing for sure that "has" to be done is the darn roof...that is going to be replaced in March.
Travel; I would really like to make it to Oregon to see my friends Kev & Cheri (and their adorable munchkins). I would also like to continue traveling locally to see and learn more about the area I live in...

Some of my wonderful friends gathered with me tonight for dinner, and they shared some of their intentions for the upcoming year:

NL would like to:
Learn the Spanish language
Obtain employment after graduating with a Master's Degree

Complete a baby blanket project in progress
Adopt a more healthy lifestyle
Travel to Knoxville, Tennessee

SM would like to:
Learn more about their partner
Travel more
Help a particular friend
Visit Maine

IO would like to:

Learn about Ireland
Save money
Visit St. Augustine, Florida

CF would like to:

Learn to play the harmonica

TL would like to:
Learn the Spanish language
Locate an appropriate program with housing for a family member

Go to Ocala, Florida and go ziplining there
Purchase a new truck for their partner

KG would like to:
Create a piece of mosaic art

We send these intentions into the night and into the new year!


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